Friday, March 31, 2017

My first blog post!

Well, here goes, my first blog post!


  1. That is an awesome inaugural post that gives a good flavor of your interests. And your SC electric is just beautiful!

    I am curious About that "Bluetooth router" you used to make an electromechanical phone operable without a landline. Does it function only as an ear/mouthpiece or did you somehow make it possible to dial out? (I have a Western Electric desk phone – in red!)

  2. This is the bluetooth router that I used. The old rotary phone connects to it via a regular phone line. It connects via bluetooth to up to three cell phones. When connected and someone calls my cell phone, the rotary phone rings and I can answer it there. Also, I can pick up the rotary phone and dial out and it dials out from my cell phone.

  3. Very interesting info about the Bluetooth router for the rotary phone. I may have to look into something similar, since I have five rotary phones and I'd love to have one of them hooked up and working in this digital age.
    Welcome to the Typosphere, too, as Richard P said. You'll find no shortage of information on typewriters around here.

  4. Welcome aboard the Typin' Train! :D